Recognizing Blessings

Counting our blessings is important so that we have an attitude of thankfulness. But it is easy to overlook blessings because we take certain things for granted.

My wife has some Guardian Service Cookware that belonged to her grandmother and mother. Guardian Service Cookware was manufactured from the mid 1930s to 1956. For Christmas, our daughter gave her a Guardian Service cookbook that was purchased used on the Internet.

The beginning of the cookbook is striking because it tells how to set the burners for the correct heat. It gives instructions for gas, electric, wood, coal, kerosene, and gasoline. Yikes! What’s the MPG (meals per gallon) for a gasoline stove? And would I really want to be the one to light it? If you are interested in how to set medium heat on a wood stove, use one section from the fire box or a fairly hot fire.

Do you suddenly see a few more blessings in your life? My coffee is getting cold, I think I need to visit the microwave and ponder this.

One Response to Recognizing Blessings

  1. Frank J Hernandez says:

    Very cute indeed…

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