It was a wonderful experience having Psalom sing last Sunday afternoon. Konstantin had a wonderful way of getting us to sing along with Psalom as well. The quartet is a ministry of Konstantin Zhigulin. Konstantin is a musician by background. When he became a Christian in 1994, he began composing hymns for use in Russian speaking congregations. These hymns are sung widely in churches of Christ in the Russian — speaking world. The music is so beautiful and encouraging, two American Christians – Mark Shipp of Austin Graduate School of Theology and Jeff Matteson, former missionary to Siberia — began translating several of Konstantin’s hymns into English, so that they could be shared with American churches. But as Konstantin said last week, his main emphasis is the development of congregational a cappella singing in Russia.

Psalom had two albums available last week. I know quite a few of us purchased the CDs and the song book last week. Some of you may wonder whether it is still possible to purchase the CDs and also how you might keep in touch with this ministry.

Psalom has a web site:

The site provides information about Psalom. There are some samples of their music under “MP3 audio.” They have some videos of performances in Russian under “Videoarchive,” and there is ordering information for their CDs under “Contacts, Donations and Store.” Their album “Peace to You!” is available at iTunes and also at as an mp3 download. That album was not available last week, but it is also in English. By the way, the songbook that was available is based on that album.

I hope that we learn some of Konstantin’s hymns. It was a wonderful experience having Psalom here. And thanks to all of you who made the fellowship possible. Konstantin had mentioned he was uncertain about eating prior to singing (fearful that we might all be sleepy), but he said he got it. The meal is about family, spiritual family, and he appreciated that Psalom received such a welcome.

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