Trip to New Zealand

I’ve had the privilege of making trips to New Zealand about every two years since 1998 — that’s six trips so far. The trips have been to be supportive our missionaries, David and Mary Nelson, and to teach at the South Pacific Bible College.

The school does an important work in the South Pacific, and its reach goes into Asia. David and Mary have made vital contributions to the school and the local church. It is a testament to the quality of their work that they have been in New Zealand (this second time) since 1997. They have even gained dual citizenship (USA and New Zealand).

The school has grown from being housed at the Otumoetai congregation’s building to having a beautiful and functional facility of their own. The school has a great faculty and staff, but they have always used visiting teachers to supplement that staff. I’ve had the joy of being one of those teachers.

My current assignment is World Faiths. It has caused me to do reading in world religions that I might not have ever done (like reading the Koran all the way through). If you want to know some current things I’m reading, the list includes The Great Arab Conquests by Hugh Kennedy and The Bhagavad Gita.

In the past few trips, I have used my professional expense funds instead of doing fund raising. This year that category was cut from the budget. I’m in need of raising funds again. I’ve always been amazed at people’s generosity. The trip will cost about $2000. If you can help, please make your check out to the Grandville Church of Christ and note that it is for Russ Holden’s New Zealand trip.

Grandville Church of Christ

3725 44th St SW

Grandville, MI 49418

Plans are for me to teach in their fourth quarter of this year. Thank you for considering support of this trip, and please keep the South Pacific Bible College, David and Mary Nelson, and this trip in your prayers.

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